Twice I have visited Selma'sOld Live Oak Cemetery to photograph the Lady with the Broken Heart.

Both times she has already had a fresh azalea blossom in her hand when I arrived. It's a little bit spooky. She resides in the 'middle' aged section of three that comprise Selma's Live Oak Cemetery.


The oldest and the middle aged sections both have a great many beautiful and elaborate tombs. A somewhat somber presence pervades the two older areas. They are extraordinarily, dramatically, beautiful in a dark and moody way.


Dappled sunlight shining through the hanging moss in the live oaks below is quintessentially southern, and dear to my heart. I just love it

The tomb of William Rufus King, the founder of Selma and 13th Vice President of the United States of America can be seen on the right.


I'm standing on my own gravesite in New Live Oak Cemetery, in the photo below, facing west. The sun has already dipped below the horizon. In moments, darkness will prevail. Azaleas, dogwood and oaks abound here. New Live Oak seems like a garden or a city park. It's a popular place for locals to take an afternoon stroll.

But, while a pleasant place to visit, I'm not quite ready to spend eternity there just yet. I'm having too much fun driving my - surviving chemo gift - Miata - to go right now!


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